Truth * Authenticity * Respect *  Nature * Clarity
Vulnerability * Elements * Joy * Love * Honesty * Compassion

Over the years I continue to challenge myself to be more fully  the truth of who I am ~ to embody and embrace my Medicine and true authentic Nature on an even deeper level. There is a part of me that laughs at myself as I continue to commit to that, because the truth is, the journey of putting myself out there ~ being my true authentic self has felt quite horrifying at times. And walking through the horrifying times on this journey is necessary. It is what allows me to experience the liberating times. To see myself more fully and clearly. To trust myself, my intuition and guidance. And it heals - it heals me, my lineage, those around me AND it opens the door a bit further for others to walk through on their own healing journey. Walking my path and being who I came here to be isn't just for me. I've known that since I got on the Recovery path over 30 years ago. And that message became clearer when I started doing Ceremony and Ritual 20 years ago. Being our true authentic Nature is the Medicine. We all need those lights on our journey. If it wasn’t for others I met along the way, who shared their Medicine, light, love, vulnerabilities, experience, strength and hope, I wouldn’t be here today. Now more than ever there is a need for all of us to Be and Live our Medicine. It starts with us.

Truth Teller * Nature Lover * Medicine Woman * Firekeeper * Aligned * Embodied * Photographer * Dancer

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